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How much is complexity costing you?

​Can your clients easily work with you remotely?
​Do you have a simple way to explain commissions?
Do you make it easy for customers to deal with upfront marketing costs and just get started?
A lack of speed and simplicity may be costing you a great deal.
​Make it easy for your customers to work with you.

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Get started in 3 easy steps

  1. Create your account
    to get started

    Just use your existing
    REIV Individual Member ID

  2. Enter property and
    agreement details

    Done in a minute with
    our simple App workflow

  3. Sign up property
    vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants in the App

    Invite property parties
    with the press of a button

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Give customers the confidence to sign up with you

We know that when a customer is deciding to sell or rent their home or investment property, they want to be certain you are the right agent for them. To get your client’s signature, everything you do needs to be on point.

We believe that every step and every interaction you have with your clients is an opportunity to impress. We understand how it feels when a customer hesitates. That’s why we’ve built an App to take care of it all. It’s simple, immediate and secure.

Here’s what you have to do:

Log in to SmartVicForms with your REIV Individual Member ID


Enter your client’s property details and agreement information


Take your customer through the agreement and invite them to digitally sign

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Our partners

A partnership delivering a powerful new collaboration and contracting solution. Starting with property sale authorities.

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REIV Members get exclusive early access

For a limited time only, REIV Members can get free access to SmartVicForms and use of REIV Real Estate Agreements at no charge.
Why not give it a try? We'd love your feedback!

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